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Is BHB the miracle Keto Diet supplement?

The ketogenic diet is a well-known and loved weight loss strategy, but did you know that it can also help with mental clarity? In two high profile studies this month, the use of Beta Hydroxy Butyrate or BHB was linked to several properties beyond just losing some pounds. For example: increased alertness AND decreased inflammation! That means we may be able get our miracle molecule without eating any chicken wings (or anything else containing gluten) as longs as they’re cooking at an adequate temperature – sounds too good not try right away?!

Mice on the ketogenic diet had increased lifespans and better cognitive functioning. This led researchers to believe that it could be an avenue for Alzheimer’s research, as well as brain health in general!

The researchers found that BHB is able to protect older cells from oxidative stress, which may be why scientists have been looking into its effects on lifespan. The Buck Institute’s President and CEO of Aging Dr Eric Verdin said they were excited by these findings because it could mean increased levels might help fight off age-related diseases like diabetes or dementia down the line!


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What actually is BHB anyway?

Ketosis is a natural process by which your body turns to fat for energy. In keto-adaptation, you produce three kinds of molecules that are crucial in this transformation: BHB (or Beta HydroxyBojiric acid), acetone and aceotoacetate . While all these play an important role when it comes to our health or survival , one thing they can do even better might just be their ability provide us with mental clarity! A study done last year found high levels produced during fasting were linked not only increased brain function but also lower rates dementia.

“The classic view of BHB was that it’s an alternate nutrient which happens during fasting… It also has signaling molecules. This forced people to start thinking about the possible benefits and uses for this ketone body in our bodies,” said Dr Verdin, however he only came up with these ideas last year when his research using mice finally supported them!


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Is Keto BHB a difficult diet to maintain?

Ketogenic diets have been used for decades to treat epilepsy in humans, but there’s still much research that needs doing before it can be considered an effective treatment. The diet is not only difficult – nutritionists often speak out against this highly restrictive food plan because of its impracticality and potential negative effects on mental health if people try yo-yoing their weights by losing them quickly then putting back onto again later down the line due lack of discipline while following one particular way too closely .

“I’m not sure if everyone will go on the ketogenic diet. It’s hard as a lifestyle to sustain for long periods of time,” said Dr VDinh Learton from Harvard Medical School.”Our interest in BHB lies within its potential ability ‘to recapitulate all these beneficial effects’ we see with our current understanding about how it can help optimize your health via food or drug administration – whatever you want call them!”

Many people are under the impression that a ketogenic diet is all about high BHB levels and reducing glucose, but according to Dr. Susan Masino from Trinity College in Connecticut there’s more going on here than just an increase or decrease in carbs/sugar consumption- “The key may be increased bound arbitration community compound (BAC) thereof – it could also involve decreased glucoMRI,” she said during her presentation at this year’s annual meeting for Academy For Ultra Wealthy Entrepreneurship And Leadership Awards


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So what's next for BHB and use of it as a Keto BHB Diet?

ketosis is a natural way to manage diabetes, but it might also have benefits for cognition and mental health. Researchers are still trying figure out how much BHB needs in order for these effects on lifespan or memory improvement happen – if you’ve ever been aware of keto supplements at your local pharmacy then this information won’t surprise you!

To be in a state of ketosis, you need to eat lots and exercise little. It’s important not just for the health benefits but also because it will help curb your appetite so that one can maintain their weight without constant hunger pangs or cravings for carbs! However there are many supplements on offer which claim they’ll get users into this magical fat burning zone faster than ever before – however most don’t seem very effective when looked at critically; some may even do more harm then good if taken too much- thus leading me back where I started: eating right is key…and fun!!

The keto supplements on shelves today probably aren’t worth their salt, but a real clinically studied BHB supplement in the future could be. Masino points out its potential for Alzheimer’s which is currently ranked as sixth leading cause of death here and affecting roughly 5 million people each year-a small 2004 study found those who were fed certain saturated fats had greater memory improvement than control group did!

The ketogenic diet is a remedy for Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and other tough problems. But it may still be some time before we can demonstrate its effectiveness in humans—especially if you’re looking at supplements like BHB which have shown great promise so far but need to go through further testing first!
The duo are optimistic though: Dr Verdin said “I’m personally convinced that this will turn out well” while her colleague added optimistically “We’ve been working on these molecules since I graduate school!”

Dr. Verdin is excited about the potential of BHB and says that it has been shown to work in mice with strong evidence for humans as well.


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